THE GHOSTS OF WATLING STREET, WITH IAIN SINCLAIR, ALAN MOORE AND JOHN HIGGS Plus music from Oddfellow’s Casino and the Shoreham Sea Shanty Choir Wed 24th May 6.30pm-9pm Spiegeltent £16

David Bramwell

Wed 24th May Iain Sinclair

Three visionary authors – Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair and John Higgs – gather under one roof to take an epic journey through Britain’s hidden history, geography, myth and culture, as they travel west along one of Britain’s oldest roads – Watling Street – from Dover to Wales, via London and Northampton.  Along the way Moore, Higgs and Sinclair reveal a country haunted by John Crow, St Alban, William Blake, Rod Hull and Emu, James Bond and stranger ghosts of its past – as they unearth an identity of Britain that transcends our current Brexit divisions.

Adding music and visuals into the mix, David Bramwell’s eight-piece, Oddfellow’s Casino, provide songs themed around Watling Street and the Principality of Sealand. joining them will be The Shoreham Sea Shanty Choir, run by Sussex folklorist Chris Hare, who’ll also be performing the odd ditty.

And finally Moore, Sinclair, Bramwell and Higgs will be discussing the recently released 1974 BBC classic, Penda’s Fen – essential viewing if you’ve not seen it already.

It’s going to be flipping fantastic.

Please note this event is 150 minutes in length and will include a field trip to the bar and toilets in the middle.