Psychogeography Special: Weird Wiltshire Nov 23rd

David Bramwell


Catalyst Psychogeography Special: Weird Wiltshire
Nov 23rd 8pm £7

With guest speakers Mike Pringle & Hilda Sheehan (all the way from Swindon!)
Plus David Bramwell

Wiltshire, home of Stone Henge, Silbury Hill, Avebury and Julian Cope, has every right to be considered weird. It was also the location for the most unsettling children’s TV series ever made: Children of the Stones, and home to Victorian nature writer, Richard Jefferies, known as ‘Wiltshire’s prose poet of the hills and vales’.
Referring to Jefferies observations, Mike Pringle and Hilda Sheehan will explore the millennia recorded so solidly in the lumps, bumps, and megaliths of Wiltshire’s ancient landscape. They show how, even today, we can reach back across time through the remnants that the ‘Ancients’ have left us: the landscaped stories, which Jefferies calls ‘records of ancient experience, the experience of a thousand years’.

Born in one of the only houses visible from Stonehenge, Dr Mike Pringle is an artist and historian who has had a lifelong passion for the history and prehistory of Wiltshire.
Hilda Sheehan is a published and established poet and educator. She has extensive experience in bringing history and the arts to life for any audience. The pair also run the Richard Jefferies Museum, Swindon – birthplace of Wiltshire’s prose poet of the hills and vales.

Support comes from Catalyst host David Bramwell, who will explore Avebury, the only village in the world to be found inside a stone circle, with particular focus on the TV series, Children of the Stones, made in 1976.