New Ways of Thinking Thurs Jan 24th

David Bramwell

Catalyst Club Special: New Ways of Thinking
with Leaping Hare Press
Thursday Jan 24th £7 Doors 7.30pm
Latest Music Bar, Manchester St, Brighton

In conjunction with Leaping Hare Press, this Catalyst Club special offers three inspiring talks from authors, artists and critical thinkers on the themes of gender, creativity and positive change.

Josie Jeffrey: Making Positive Changes
Author, activist, change-maker and mama JJ share her insights into how anyone can all make positive social change each and every day by being creative, brave, and thinking out of any box! From food shed to community gardening and seedbombing, find out how it’s all about following your heart.

Philippa Stanton: conscious creativity
Philippa is a professional artist and photographer with synaesthesia, whose work has attracted over 400k followers on Instagram. She will share thoughts on synaesthesia, colour, wabi sabi and how to confidently build a creative foundation through process, experimentation and time. Philippa will open up a simple sensory exploration, prompting the visual and visceral experiences we can find right in front of us and which sit alongside memory and abstract thinking.

Caspar Walsh: From Shame to Grace – Toxic Masculinity, Crisis and Cure
How do we transform toxic masculinity into a healthy one? The Mindful Man – Words from the Earth by author, journalist and filmmaker Caspar Walsh offers one possible solution to the crisis of male identity in the 21st Century. Walsh will discuss how to heal the masculine/feminine wound and start a conversation that will change the way we are in the world.