New Ways of Thinking #2 Wed July 24th Brighton

David Bramwell

Catalyst Club and Leaping Hare Press present:
New Ways of Thinking #2
Wed July 24th 7.30pm £7

Our second event for 2019 in conjunction with Leaping Hare Press, this Catalyst Club special offers three inspiring talks from bibliophile Ella Berthoud, RSPB communicator and bug-lover Vanessa Amarai-Rogers and board game enthusiast Ben Bailey.

Ella Berthoud will share her ideas about mindfulness, reading and bibliotherapy with the audience members, getting everyone involved in a discussion about books and how to read them more, better and mindfully! Have you ever wondered about where your reading time has gone? About what you read, why you read, and how you read? Ella is here to help you sort out your burning reading issues.

Ben Bailey is a journalist, musician and gamer. His talk explores the strange connections between the murky world of political propaganda and the seemingly innocent pastime of playing board games. Topics include the feminist origins of Monopoly, the disastrous game that Donald Trump made in the 80s all about himself and the family friendly game from Nazi Germany that even the SS wanted to ban. You will never look at a pair of dice in the same way.

Being bitten by the bug: a talk about bees, beetles and all manner of beasties. Vanessa Amaral-Rogers has loved invertebrates from a very early age when she used to raise caterpillars and collect worms in jars. This turned into something wonderful when she realised that she could continue to do this as an adult – you just have to get used to the weird looks. This talk will explore the beauty of bugs (and other invertebrates) and the importance of cultivating a love for nature from a young age.
Vanessa Amaral-Rogers works for the RSPB as a communicator for birds and other wildlife. As a self-proclaimed bug nerd she has also worked for the international charity Buglife, and regularly appears in the press, raising awareness of bees and all small creatures.