Lewes Catalyst Club Oct 9th 7.30pm

David Bramwell

In September we learned about the politics and 20th century history of nudity from head druid Philip Carr-Gomm and discovered from Tim Squire that the South Downs chalk grasslands are home to rare plants and butterflies, including the Adonis Blue and Duke of Burgundy. Becky Edmunds shared the remarkable story of how she and a friend found over 60 years worth of one man’s diaries in a Brighton street. Becky discussed elements of the diarist’s extraordinary life and has even turned this into a free film project that will run throughout 2020. (To find out more and sign up go to https://www.tobecontinued.online)
We return in October with Lewes’ sex educator and clinical psychologist Dr Hazel Rayner (with a topic that is definitely a first for the Catalyst Club), Ivor Gaber and possibly a talk from myself. It’s going to be grand.