Lewes Catalyst Club December 11th

David Bramwell


11th December 2019
7:30 pm
Lewes Arms
£ 7.00

Lewes Christmas Catalyst Club
Lewes Arms, Wed Dec 11th
7.30pm first talk £7
In November we learned from Anna MacLeod about the incredible heroics of the men in the second world war who were ‘human torpedoes’ and the lucky few who survived. Ben Bailey explored the apocalyptic visions of Hollywood Blockbusters, complete with his own homemade charts and graphs and Tom Cutler revealed the ‘happiest day of my life’ when he was diagnosed as having Asperger’s.

We end the year with our very first exclusively Lewesian line-up: author Lulah Ellender, speaker John Lawrenson and Thelma McGough who, amongst many other astonishing facts, was John Lennon’s first girlfriend!

Tickets in advance advisable.

Dr. B x