Catalyst Club Garden Special

David Bramwell


 Steve Bustin: Ghosts, Guns and Guerrilla Gardening

Gardening journalist and keen gardener Steve Bustin explores the life and times of one of Britain’s greatest plant collectors, bulb experts and gardening eccentrics, Ellen Willmott. Find out how to booby-trap a daffodil, how to let someone know what you think of their garden (without uttering a word) and who you should call when arrested for shoplifting.

Brian McClave: Flicker & Pulse

Brian dazzled Catalyst audiences many years ago with his 3D time-lapse films of the Aurora Borealis and the sun. This time around he’ll give a talk about his work in a Sussex walled garden before showing his extraordinary new film, Flicker+Pulse, a beautiful and poignant portrayal of time passing in a 300 year old Sussex walled garden. Using real-time and time-lapse footage, the film explores the relationship between the sun, the seasons, the plants and the people who work within the walls of the garden. Locked into the clock of the solar system, the garden performs its annual display, guided by the ritualistic human intervention of those passionately engaged with its soil.

The film takes the form of a contemplative visual poem with a stunning soundtrack by Wendy Rae Fowler. Flicker+Pulse could be described as the meeting point between Gardner’s World and Koyaanisqatsi.