Established in 2004, The Catalyst Club is a unique monthly Brighton event that pays tribute to the old traditions of French Salon, debating societies and Gentleman’s Clubs. Since its inception the Catalyst has hosted over 500 talks that have included zombie films, Marmite, the history of the Martini, the suffragettes, Spartans, demonology, bum reading and slime mould. On the night three guest speakers take to the lectern to talk for fifteen minutes on a subject close to their heart. The Catalyst Club is open to anyone with a passion, no matter how bizarre or niche.

It is hosted by Dr David Bramwell who’s not really a doctor but likes to pretend that he is.

Dr Bramwell

A one-man cottage industry, David Bramwell has presented programs for BBC Radio 3 and 4, is the creator of the Cheeky Guide to Brighton and singer in the band Oddfellow’s Casino.He won a Sony Award for his radio 3 program, The Haunted Moustache, and Best Comedy and Outstanding Theatre Awards for his one-man shows.

bramwellBramwell’s latest book, the No9 Bus to Utopia is a humorous travel memoir based on a year spent travelling round the world’s most extraordinary communities.

Having been born and raised in Doncaster, David is still catching up on those missing years when he should have been writing a novel about isolation, listening to Can albums and learning to play the sitar.

To find out more about the Dr Bramwell’s experiments and dabblings go to: www.drbramwell.com