May Festival Events

Posted: April 23rd, 2015

The festival is round the corner and we’ve got 8 unique Catalyst Club/Odditorium Podcast events on at the Bosco Tent, Spiegeltent Gardens, Old Steine throughout May.
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Hope to see you at one/some of these special nights

Dr. B x

Occult Brighton
Sat May 2nd 7.30pm-9pm £10/£8

Three local experts delve into different occult practises and their history. Jim Burke and novelist Mark Alder will explore demonology and luciferianism while Wiccan priest, Sir Ralph Harvey, celebrates the history of witchcraft with a particular focus on Sussex, the last county to yield to Christianity.

Sex and the Animal Kingdom
Wed 6th May 7.30pm-9pm £10/£8

Author and ecologist Hugh Warwick mixes comedy and science to bring you an insight into the world of the country’s favourite animal, the hedgehog. Hugh will focus on these creatures “delicate” mating rituals as well as the threats they face in the wild and the madness of the International Hedgehog Olympic Games. Zoologist Jules Howard shares his knowledge on everything from panda sex to spider penises and celebrates a phenomenon that appears in only a handful of creatures: true love.

Chumbawamba: in the Belly of the Beast
Thurs 7th May 7.30pm-9pm £8/6

Chumbawamba vocalist Dunstan Bruce delivers an illustrated talk, full of humour, irony and politics that will explore, dissect and illuminate the rollercoaster ride that took the band from anarcho-squat gigs to Madison Square Gardens and back again.

Infinity Foods & The Public House Bookshop
Wed 13th May 7.30pm-9pm £10/£8

The stories and early history of these iconic shops are recounted by their co-founders (and excellent raconteurs), Peter Deadman and Richard Cupidi. Warning: this night may contain subversive tales of explosions, narcotics and facial hair.

The Road to Utopia
Wed 20th May 7.30pm-9pm £10/£8

Robert Llewellyn (best known as Kryten in Red Dwarf), Stevyn Colgan (QI elf) and David Bramwell (author of The No9 Bus to Utopia) have explored their own ideas of utopia through their novels, memoirs and journals. Tonight they will challenge the popular notion that the world is destined to go to rack and ruin, in favour of a more optimist vision for the future.
Mixing philosophy, humour, mini-lectures and debate, the trio share their optimism and ideas for free energy, a sharing economy and a world matriarchy. In doing so, they will re-invigorate your soul and send you home in the knowledge that it’s going to be ok after all (especially if you buy their books at the end).

Light, the Ultimate Mystery
Thurs May 21st 7pm-8pm £8/£6

Polymath Gregory Sams is author of the book Sun of gOd, natural food pioneer, creator of the original VegeBurger and founder of the world’s only shop ever dedicated to chaos theory. Tonight, however, Greg will be melding the vision of the ancients with the discoveries of quantum physics to help us understand what light really is.

The Lost Worlds of Albion
Thurs May 21st 8.30pm-10.30pm £10/£8

A night of psychogeographical adventures around Britain’s islands, learning about its ghost villages and strolling down Watling Street with authors John Higgs (KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned £1Million), Mathew Clayton (Islands Round Britain) and David Bramwell (The No9 Bus to Utopia).

A Brightonian Death
Thurs May 28th 7pm-8.30pm £10/£8

From the coffin of Lux Interior (the theatrical, macabre frontman of The Cramps), curators Suzanne Rolfe and Tora Colwill will describe what happens to a deceased body from the point of death through to burial, cremation, and perhaps beyond. By reflecting on the practices of those who are involved in the care of the dead, Suzanne and Tora intend to take the audience through a transformative experience to think about the modern funeral, our approach to death, and the bold appreciation of life that can come from confronting our mortality.
To further investigate death, special guests will include Ulysses Black with a lesson in ritual and River Jones from the Brighton Death Café. James Burt will be sharing tales of strange demises, and deathly ballads will be sung by ‘The Champagne Bubbles’. There will be a ‘Quiz Macabre’ with ghoulish prizes, a Q&A, and visuals contributed by local Brightonian artists.