Ghost Villages and Postal Mischief: An evening with Dr. Bramwell at Bom-Banes

1st March 2018
8:00 pm

Bom Banes St George's St

BBC Radio 4 presenter and author, Dr Bramwell (that’s me) delivers two illustrated talks in his own inimitable style. The evening will begin by exploring the history of British ghost villages, a talk which incorporates haunted islands, weird MOD land, the UKs little-known second royal family, Dr Who, ladybird plagues, drowned villages and a haunted cupboard.

There will be a short break for cake then, in the second half, he’ll be sharing his passion for some of the world’s greatest postal pranks, with particular focus on Victorian trickster Reginald Bray who, over his lifetime, posted over 30,000 singular items through the newly formed Royal Mail. To say any more would be to spoil it.

To book a ticket email: (01273)606400

Please note numbers are restricted to 25


Catalyst Club March 8th

8th March 2018
8:00 pm

Latest Music Bar

£ 7.00

Last month – via Mark Keeble’s story of George Whitman and Shakespeare and Co – we learned a novel way to cut your hair, using a lit candle and a healthy dollop of bravado. We also discovered the true political affiliations of Herge’s Tintin thanks to poet Chris Parkinson, while Gareth Stevens taught us about the Cobra Effect and how well-meaning actions can have disastrous consequences, especially when dealing with a plague of venomous snakes.

This month sees the welcome return of performer and magician Paul Zenon and two new speakers. Subjects, as always, will be revealed on the night…


Dr. B. x