Brighton Catalyst Club Oct 10th

10th October 2019
7:30 pm

Latest Music Bar

£ 7.00

In September we heard about My Little Pony fandom from Ewan Kirkland; Kate and Kate from Hastings’ Coffin Club, told us how to organise a DIY funeral and design our own coffins, and Andrew Myers explained how to enjoy experimental dissonant music, especially dodecaphony – Schoenberg’s twelve-tone tonic-free serialism – which culminated in a very good joke about gin and tonics.
For October we welcome Quietus journalist and author Ben Graham, the return of Kanna Ingleson and Claudine Eccleston, the first recorded female plumber in the UK (though she won’t be talking about dripping faucets this evening).

Lewes Catalyst Club Nov 13th

13th November 2019
7:30 pm

Lewes Arms

£ 7.00

Lewes Catalyst Club
Upstairs at the Lewes Arms
Wed Nov 13th 7.30pm start £7

For the October Catalyst Club we learned about journalist Ivor Gaber’s secret childhood passion for bus spotting. He also shared with us the Nobel prize-winning discovery of why buses really do turn up in threes. Psychologist and sex counsellor Hazel Fells took us on a real journey of discovery in her talk, The Clitoris Uncovered. She even brought along a 3D printed replica of the clitoris (see photo) made by a company in Berlin. That’s niche. And finally I gave a talk about Dr Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, a high ranking Tibetan Buddhist who also happened to be an unemployed plumber from Devon.

We return in November with Ben Bailey, who did a superb talk about the politics of board games last year and, new to the Lewes Catalyst Club, we welcome Tom Cutler and Sussex university’s Dr Julie Coultas.

We often tend to sell out so it’s recommended that tickets are bought in advance.